A crystal suitable for eliminating negative energy and guarding against villains

Black hair crystal, obsidian, and corresponding to the root chakra in the human body have roughly the same effect. They are mainly powerful in warding off evil spirits, eliminating negative energy, and preventing villains. They help improve luck and eliminate disease.

Arusha, sun stone, and gold luck stone can help improve wealth and transportation, so that our career can be helped by noble people, and they can avoid evil and disasters and protect against villains.

Super Seven is the most powerful natural stone. It can improve overall luck such as wealth, love, popularity, family affection, noble people, communication, spirituality, balance, etc. When the overall luck is improved, negative energy will stay away.

White Ghost mainly helps purify negative energy, make the mind clear, and have The effect of eliminating disease qi.

Regarding the effects of crystals on eliminating negative energy and preventing villains:
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