Recommended crystals for attracting wealth and improving career luck

Whether you are a wage earner or a businessman, the most indispensable thing is "money". As the old saying goes, "Money is not everything. If you don't have money, you can't do anything." Don't underestimate the power of crystals. Talk to your friends every New Year. You must rely on it to play mahjong. I recommend several crystals that can attract wealth and improve career luck. Wealth crystals are divided into two categories: "positive wealth" and "partial wealth"; positive wealth is wealth obtained through hard work; partial wealth is unexpected wealth.

The crystal of good wealth: green haired tourmaline, Green crystal, prehnite

Wealth is crystal: golden hair crystal , citrine , yellow tiger eye stone , Arusha , Sun Stone

Regarding the effects of crystals on attracting wealth and improving career luck:

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