Arusha citrine crystal bracelet
Arusha citrine crystal bracelet
Arusha citrine crystal bracelet
Arusha citrine crystal bracelet
Arusha citrine crystal bracelet

Arusha citrine crystal bracelet

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  • 全球運送
  • 可調節長度鏈帶

product description

  • Arusha: about 6mm
  • Citrine: about7mm
  • Material: 925 silver plated with rose gold, American jewelry wire
  • Adjustable tightness 、Hand-wound craft tail chain pendant
  • Model hand circumference: 14cm

ArushaThe energy is positive and powerful, which protects us from the influence of negative energy, wards off evil and disasters, and protects against villains. It also allows us to get help from noble people in our career, improves our financial luck, and helps us move forward. On the other hand, Arusha crystal can heal our pessimistic mood and keep us relaxed and happy. It is suitable for people who are too old and have bad luck.

citrineSymbolizing wealth and status, it is a famous crystal for attracting wealth, especially for wealth, and is suitable for businessmen or salesmen to wear. Citrine corresponds to the navel chakra and is considered to balance the energy operation of the gastrointestinal tract and reduce gastrointestinal discomfort. The difference between citrine and gold crystal is that citrine is relatively mild in energy and is a powerful healing stone.

The design of White on is unique and exquisite. It carefully selects natural stones, freshwater pearls, precious metals and other accessory materials to present unique handmade works with care.

American 14K gold filled

Some accessories of White on use 14K gold-plated imported from the United States. It is different from domestic 14K gold-plated in gold content, durability and color retention. The gold-plated technology in the United States is relatively mature and the specifications are relatively strict. The FTC defines 14K gold-plated The pure gold content must account for at least 5% of the total weight. Therefore, the 14K gold-filled gold in the United States has a higher gold content, higher color retention and durability, and is also recognized as a good quality.

14K Gold Filled (14KGF/14K Gold Filled) is a composite metal that uses mechanical forging technology and high temperature and high pressure to cover an extremely thin 14K gold layer on the surface of the brass-based inner core, making the gold and brass permanently bonded. Combined, the 14K gold-plated surface has high hardness, is not easy to fall off , has high wear resistance, long-lasting color retention, and will not rust. Compared with ordinary gold-plated copper, it is more durable and easier to care for.

925 silver

925 silver refers to pure silver with a silver content of 92.5%, mixed with 7.5% alloy, which is an internationally recognized standard for silver jewelry. Since pure silver is too soft and difficult to maintain, the ratio of 92.5% is the most perfect ratio. It is not easy to oxidize and has moderate hardness. However, 925 silver cannot avoid oxidation, which is what happens to precious metals. So don’t think it’s rust when you see it turning black. It’s just a reminder that it’s time to clean it. When wearing 925 silver, you need to take care of it properly to keep it beautiful, durable and long-lasting. Always new.

925 silver gold plated

925 silver gold plating is a Lishi electroplating method in which a layer of alloy is electroplated on the outer layer of 925 silver, such as rose gold, platinum, etc. This can slow down the oxidation of silver jewelry and make it more beautiful. However, it should be noted that once the electroplated layer is worn or worn for a long time, it will still There will be fading, so careful maintenance and care is required.

How to maintain it?

Precious metals will oxidize over time and wearing habits. Bad habits and maintenance methods will accelerate the oxidation, fading and loss of luster of your precious metal accessories.

Use a silver polishing cloth to gently rub it regularly until it shines brightly. Wearing it regularly will increase shine and slow oxidation. Wipe it clean when not wearing it and put it in a sealed bag or flannel bag to avoid oxidation caused by long-term contact with air. Avoid using silver paste for wiping. Silver paste will wipe off the electroplating layer on the surface. Avoid contact with chemicals, such as cosmetics, lotions, perfumes, bleach, etc. Avoid wearing it when bathing, soaking in hot springs, swimming or doing sports.

natural ore

White on uses minerals and crystals from different parts of the world, such as Brazil, South Africa, Argentina, India, Madagascar, etc. Each crystal is full of unique shapes, textures, colors, etc., which are the characteristics of natural minerals. Each of us hand-picks and selects the best quality products for production.

How to maintain it?

Avoid collisions and sharp objects from scratching the surface . Avoid contact with chemicals, such as cosmetics, lotions, perfumes, bleach, etc. Avoid long-term sun exposure or ultraviolet light exposure. Some crystals contain substances that will fade due to oxidation after exposure to sunlight, especially red and purple crystals.




1. We will pre-loosen and make it according to the actual hand size you ordered, no need to pre-loosen or pre-tighten.
2. Before placing an order, please confirm that the hand circumference you measured is correct . If you are not sure, you can upload a photo of your hand circumference measurement to us for reconfirmation to avoid the size not fitting after you receive it.
3. Due to hand-made production, the bracelet will be made to a suitable size as much as possible. If you are used to having it close to your skin or looser, please note it when placing an order.

Method 1 - Place a soft ruler around your wrist and place it against your skin to measure. (like picture demonstration)
Method 2 - Wrap the rope around your wrist and measure the length of the rope with a ruler.

Hand Measurement Guide

White on prepares exquisite packaging and gifts for you!

1. Exquisite gift box
2. Wear instruction card
3. Crushed white crystal purification stone (only available for purchase of bracelet style)
4. Silver cloth (only for jewelry with metal accessories)
5. Maintenance service once a year

    • 付款後會在7~10個工作天內寄出。
    • 不含香港假日,付款後以翌日開始計算工作天
    • 手工製作需時,美值得等待。
    • 如果您需要緊急幫助,請聯繫我們或加購優先製作 。
    • 付款後會在3個工作天內寄出
      • 僅限使用順豐速遞,只適用於以下國家及地區。
      • 香港及澳門:購物滿港元$400即可享有免運
      • 台灣:購物滿 港元$1500即可享有免運
      • 中國、新加坡、馬來西亞及南韓 購物滿港元$2000即可享有免運
      • 購物未滿額需由客人支付運費。
        運送香港、澳門、 中國及台灣訂單
        • 我們目前使用順豐速遞運送香港、澳門、中國及台灣,將收取統一運費;運費按照港元匯率。
        • 香港及澳門:港元$30
        • 台灣: 港元$55
        • 中國: 港元$80
        • 我們目前使用順豐國際處理海外訂單,將收取統一運費;運費按照港元匯率。
        • 新加坡、馬來西亞及南韓:港元$120
        • 日本:港元$200
        • 歐洲地區、美國、加拿大、澳洲及新西蘭:港元$300
            • 預計時間不包含清關延誤、運送偏遠地區等,一切以物流公司送達時間為準。
            • 香港及 澳門:約1~3天
            • 中國及台灣 :約2~7天
            • 海外 :約7-14天


            因應台灣財政部關務署公告,自2019 年 1 月 16 日起,海外包裹入境台灣前,收件人應先完成實名認證以利包裹送達。

            台灣客人:如沒有提供身份證字號,默認使用香港郵政寄出,詳情參閱:台灣客人 | 易利委 EZ WAY
            1. 上門派送:填寫收件地址。
            2. 便利店自取:填寫「便利商店代碼+地址+名稱」,並留下收件方正確手機號碼。
            • 7-11/OK便利店同順豐是合作形式,並不是附屬公司,所以便利店有權對順豐包裹作出數量限制;假設7-11/OK便利店要求每間店舖最多只可存放十件順豐包裹,而當時已有十件貨件在店舖時表示配額已滿,您的包裹則須輪候安排放入便利店。屆時有機會由順豐員工致電閣下了解查詢是否需要轉到其他順豐站取件點待您領取,敬請留意。
            • 順豐便利店和智能櫃有尺寸限制,亦有機會要輪候較長時間。
            • 如退回的運費、重新寄出的運費、過了限定時間取件的額外庫存費用等,需由訂購人或收件人支付。
            • 所有訂購產品運往香港以外的地區或國家 ,均可能需要繳納目的地國家/地區徵收的關稅、稅款或費用,這些並不包括在產品原先的價錢當中。貨件的購買者是該目的地國家的登記進口商,需負責所有上述的關稅、稅費或費用。
            • White on無法控制這些額外收取費用,也不會負責目的地國家/地區徵收的關稅、稅款或費用。