Details of our crafts

September 26, 2023


Every White on work is created by our brand designers, from inspiration, design, crystal selection and production to the birth of the work. Therefore, we share some process details about hand-made crystal styles for everyone to see. Take a look at the production process.


In our studio in Hong Kong, we pay great attention to every step of the process to ensure that every piece meets the quality standards we are satisfied with.

First of all, we spend a lot of time selecting high-quality crystal materials. When selecting crystals, craftsmen carefully examine each bead to ensure that they have a reasonable look and feel and meet our requirements, and screen out unqualified and defective crystals.


Next, during the production process of crystal styles, we pay special attention to the presentation of details, connecting crystal materials with precious metal accessories. This is a process that requires patience and skill. The craftsmen carefully handle each piece of jewelry, using their patience and experience To create a complete crystal style, this includes multiple manual steps such as stringing, winding, and ending.

Unique and ingenious

Finally, we carefully check every detail to ensure the work presents a premium feel. We pursued an aesthetic that was understated and unobtrusive, allowing the crystal styles to naturally and elegantly reveal the charm of wearing them.

Each of our craftsmen uses their own hands and dedicated heart to inject the essence of handcrafting into every crystal style. This kind of craftsmanship is our pursuit of art and aesthetics, and it is also to allow everyone who wears our works to feel a piece of jewelry that has warmth and personality.

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